Training for Teens
Training for Teens

To sign up for teen training, send in the Training Registration Form and appropriate fee to the registrar at least one week prior to the training date.

If there is no fee, you may contact Sandy Steinberg by phone at (888) 922-4763 or by email to sign up.

Leaders/advisors are welcome to attend Going for the Gold/Silver trainings.

For more information please contact the GSME Program Department at (888) 922-4763 or by email.

Contact your region's program manager to schedule additional Gold/Silver Award courses for your troop. There is a minimum of five girl participants for Gold Training and a minimum of 10 girl participants for Silver Training.

North East Region Natalie Degerstrom
Central Region Dawn Wentworth
South East Region Kirstin Powell

Going for the Silver Award - Cadettes

This course is optional for Cadette Girl Scouts who are interested in earning the Silver Award. It will familiarize the girl and advisor(s) with the Silver Award process. This is an interactive class so come prepared to play while you learn. Cost: Free

none scheduled at this time

Going for the Gold Award - Seniors and Ambassadors

This course is an introduction to the Gold Award process and is required for all Senior and Ambassador Girl Scouts who intend on becoming Gold Award candidates. It is recommended that girls take this course even if they are unsure as to whether of not they will work toward their Gold Award. Cost: Free

none scheduled at this time

Program Aide - Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors
Program Aide -
For Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors

Learn the ins and outs of delivering great program such as how to structure a well-run meeting, and how to teach and lead songs, games and activities. Become eligible to work with a younger troop and give back to your sister Girl Scouts. You will earn your Program Aide Patch and upon completing your first event, you will earn your Program Aide Pin. Participants must be in 6th grade and up. Meals and materials are provided.

Program Aide Training is done per request. To schedule training, please contact either Anne Randall (South) or Treasa Wheeler (North).