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Juliette Girl Scouts Q & A

Who can be a Girl Scout Juliette? Any girl in grades K-12 can be a Girl Scout Juliette. Some girls choose the Juliette program for the year. Other girls choose to start their Girl Scout experience as a Juliette until a troop becomes available for them. Can you think of a friend or relative that might like to join Girl Scouts, too? If so, encourage them to join with you!

What can Girl Scout Juliettes do? Girls earn awards using the Girl Scout Journey books and "The Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting." Older girls can create and work on their own special projects to earn the Girl Scout Bronze, Silver or Gold Awards.

Girls may also choose to participate in one or more of the following program Pathway options:

Camp Experience outdoor adventure at resident, day, or specialty camps.
Events Participate in events on topics that interest you most.
Travel Girls, ages 11-17 plan, earn money, prepare for, and participate in regional, national, and international trips.
Series Explore your interests through a series of four to six sessions.
(coming soon)
Interact online with girls and volunteers in a safe, secure environment.

Where do I purchase books, awards, badges and pins? Call or stop by our council shops in Bangor and South Portland, or shop our online store for all your Girl Scout items. Awards, badges and pins are paid for by money from the Juliette Fund, a fund that is supported by money earned by Girl Scout Juliettes.

How do I participate in program opportunities? Check out our program guide Compass, published twice a year. Updates are regularly made to our Website and the GSME Facebook page. To find out about local events in your service unit, contact your Juliette Consultant or Membership Manager. Remember to have your parent or guardian complete the Parent Permission Slip and Health Record and bring them to the event with you.

There is an annual, non-refundable $15.00 membership fee for which financial assistance is available upon request. In addition, each girl is encouraged to purchase a copy of a Girl Scout Journey book that corresponds to her age level and/or the Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting. These materials are available at our council shops and are paid for by the member. Other program fees vary according to the Pathway(s) to which they relate.

How do I connect with other girls? You will meet other Girl Scouts when you attend events and activities, go to camp, or go on a destination (a special Girl Scout trip).

Can I sell Girl Scout cookies? Of course! The Girl Scout Cookie Program is great fun and you get to learn a lot. Remember to have the adult helping you contact your local Product Sales Supervisor or Membership Manager to find out about necessary trainings and materials.

Where does the money go? When Girl Scout Juliettes participate in product sales programs, a portion of the money earned goes into a fund managed by GSME to cover the cost of awards you earn. You can also request a reimbursement if you attend a Girl Scout program or event, want to do a community service project, or need assistance with the Girl Scout membership fee. More information is available on the Juliette Request for Reimbursement form.

Who helps me earn awards? A parent, guardian, adult mentor or relative can help you work on badges and awards. An adult "Guide" book is available for the Journey book you choose, and you can count on support from your service unit team and council staff if you need any additional guidance.

What about uniforms? Uniforms are encouraged, but not required. Uniforms and other Girl Scout clothing are available for purchase at council shops located at our service centers or online at our shops. The average cost of a basic uniform set is $33.00.

How do I find out about community service opportunities? Giving back to our community is a big part of Girl Scouts. Statewide opportunities are listed in the Compass. Your local service unit may organize a service project, too.

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