Staff Directory
Girl Scouts of Maine Staff - in Alphabetical Order
Tricia Allen Shop Clerk (South Portland)

Jeremy Bates

Camp Pondicherry Site Manager

Rebecca Benoski Administrative & HR Assistant

Ann Birmingham

Product Sales Associate

Jennifer Bonnett Outdoor Program Manager/
Pondicherry Camp Director 
Sue Boulay Membership Manager

Dave Brown

Camp Pondicherry Assistant Ranger

Heather Cameron

Membership Manager

Wayne Clukey

Camp Natarswi Site Manager

Edward Cooper, Jr. Camp Pondicherry Assistant Rangers  

Joanne Crepeau

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Beth Darling

Membership Manager

Natalie Degerstrom Manager of Girl Program &
Volunteer Development

Anne Deschaine

Shop Manager (Bangor)

Mary Ellen Deschenes

Chief of Outdoor Operations

Lori-Anne Dick

Retail Operations Director

Kaylah Dinsdale Membership Growth Assistant

Jeanie Duguay

Membership Manager

Darcy Foerster Events Coordinator

Connie Goulatis

Chief Advancement Officer (CAO)

Samantha Lott Hale

Director of Program/Regional Director (North)

Suzanne Hand

Director of Volunteer Development/Regional Director

Joanne Hulsey

Director of Membership/Regional Director (South)

Mark Lavigne

IT Director

Marsha Lyons Program Specialist
A Place for Girls - Biddeford

Kate McCarthy

Membership Manager

Patti Montana Membership Manager

Stephanie Michaud

Program Specialist

Tammy Murray

Membership Manager

Nicole Partridge Finance and Information
Systems Associate
Kirstin Powell Program Manager

Cynthia Rand

Director of Human Resources/Business Services

Anne Randall

Director of Outdoor Program

Dina Riendeau

CES Support Specialist

Nancy McElwain Rivers

Administrative & Corporate Assistant

Stacy Rudnicki

Membership Manager

Cortney Smart

Marketing Manager

Carol Smith

Product Sales Director

Libbey Smith

Product Sales Manager

Sandy Steinberg

CES Support Assistant

Bill Sumner

Advancement Associate

Elaine Taylor Volunteer Development Manager
Sondra Taylor Shop Clerk (South Portland)

Ross Tuttle

Camp Kirkwold Site Manager


Taylor Ussery Receptionist/Administrative Assistant (Bangor)

Cindy Vachon

Finance & Systems Director

Nancy von York

CES Data Manager

Dawn Walker-Elders Volunteer Development Manager dwalker-elders@

Dawn Wentworth

Program Manager

Treasa Wheeler

Natarswi Camp Director

Julie Woodworth Volunteer Development Associate/Business Services Assistant

Kimberly Young

Receptionist/Administrative Assistant (South Portland)